Our Causes


An Educated Society will progress on its own, with this thought we are focusing to reach the most vulnerable children with Information and Education. We arr providing them stationary and scholarship wherever needed. Also we are focused to setup door step schools where schools are not reachable for small vulnerable children. Also we are focusing to provide computer education and equipments in government schools where such facilities are not avaliable. Also we have network of colleges where we are helping in admission processes and fees can be deffered for people in need.


We plan to help various ladies of gruh udhyog in selling their items by providing them platform to do the same.
Also we plan to provide training to semi skilled workforce to next level and help them uplift themselves and get a better living


We plan to create various awareness programs at school , colleges, corporate and public level to conserve rivers and forests along with its flora and fauna.
We also plan for program where we will be adopting trees and plants till they are capable to sustain themselves